These tips below will ensure your window replacement goes smoothly and will save time for your installers:

  • On installation day, move furniture and knick-knacks away from the windows so the installers can have easy access to the areas they’ll be working in. Leave at least 5-8 feet of working space if you can.
  • Remove all blinds and window coverings.
  • Provide the installation crew with a clear path to the windows being replaced.
  • Remove any artwork or photographs from walls close to the windows.
  • Move any breakable items to another room and cover valuable pieces with blankets or plastic sheeting to prevent damage.
  • Protect hardwood floors and carpet in the immediate area with plastic sheeting.
  • If you have a security system, sensors should be removed from any windows or doors being replaced and the system should be turned off.
  • If your renovation will take more than a few days, plan breaks from the construction, perhaps with a dinner out, for your family.
  • If your window replacement is part of a larger renovation, you should take additional steps to protect your home and furniture against fine plaster dust and construction dirt.